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Building to Serve - Our Capital Campaign

Pastor Andrew Cunningham

Looking back over the past 27 years, WOW... what a wild ride it has been! I stand in amazement at what God has done in this church and school. I could never have imagined, from our humble beginning, the scope of our ministry or the impact we have had on so many lives. Through the years we have seen God’s faithfulness and love for the people of SouthGate Church and our community in all we have set out to accomplish. Today we stand at a crucial point of growth for the entire ministry.

For the past ten years, we have lived with the belief that it is God’s will for us to build and expand our facilities. Now is the time to complete our vision with a new Athletic Field and Activity Center which will enable us to fulfill God’s Kingdom purposes. How do we do it all? This will be accomplished through God’s blessing on this ministry and through your generous heart to give and make a difference. We cannot do this without God. Let us continue this amazing ride together.

With gratitude,

Pastor Andrew Cunningham

Growth and Change

Through all the years of growth and change, our purpose will remain the same: to Love God, Connect with Others, and Serve the World.

As a result of consistent growth, we are faced with a growing challenge. How do we care for the needs of our children, our families, and our community?

Our facilities are a great blessing, but we are experiencing an obvious need to expand.

Goal Status

Total Goal: $1,200,000

Updated: November 30, 2017